September 16, 2019

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The 2019 NCAA March Madness

Basketball has become so much more interesting in the United States since 2018. Why? Because sports betting was legalized in multiple states. Now, fans of professional basketball teams, mainly the NBA ones, can bet on quite a lot of matches,...+More

Who Are the Favorites to Win the Euro Cup 2020?

The UEFA European Championship 2020, or simply put, the Euro 2020, is the next big football event, at least in Europe. Well, most of the world keeps its eyes on the European countries, mainly due to judging the players and...+More

What do bookmakers say about England’s odds at the World Cup

At the time of writing this piece, England was in Group G with one win,...+More

Aston Villa Victory against Barnsley at Villa Park

We hope you placed the right bets on Saturday’s match, because the guys from Aston...+More

Leicester City Lags Behind in Premier League

With world-class facilities and great sporting legacy, East Midlands is the perfect place to enjoy...+More

Paul McGrath – A Football Legend

Though a small nation, Ireland has given the world a significant number of great footballers who...+More

What Makes a Good Sports Fan?

Sports are entertaining, that’s the general consensus among all of us, but the way people...+More

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