June 16, 2024

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Betting on matches is a standard in football and bookmakers are trying to make it more interesting by introducing new categories you can bet on, including combo bets for maximum odds. A phenomenon that is fairly present in basketball but is only gaining popularity in football is betting on individual players. This article is going to present the possibilities that a punter has if he/she wants to make money off of their knowledge of individual players.

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Betting on individual players performance

You don’t feel like following a whole team and having many variables to account for when devising your bet? Then why not follow an individual player’s form and place bets specifically on him/her. Bookmakers today offer a wide range of bets on individual players modelled according to the ones already present in basketball wagers. For starters, there is the most obvious bet – you can bet on whether the player scores or not. But this is where stuff goes crazy because you can even specify the manner the player is going to score – outside the box, with a header, or from a corner kick (imagine the odds of that) and you can even combine this wager with other player wagers and/or game outcome predictions.

If you think you know a players character really well, you can bet on him/her getting a yellow/red card. In these cases, it really helps to follow a local team that you can actually see live in order to better assess the performance of individual players. Furthermore, betting on local players allows you the benefit of having inside info from the local media or even rumours that the bookies might not have.

Playing fantasy football

Even though many consider fantasy football to just be a game, you can really show your knowledge of individual players here. The premise is that you have a limited budget given by the website to create an ideal team. Once the real action starts, the individual player performance is calculated towards your overall score. Why am I placing this in an article about betting? Well, the websites usually offer really valuable prizes for the best fantasy football players and there are even websites that allow you to play it for real cash.

Betting on transfers

Another situation where knowing an individual player comes into play are football transfers. SInce the betting operators offer nearly every type of bet these days, you can easily make predictions on whether someone will change teams in the pre-season period to shorten the time before the ball starts rolling on the pitch again. What is crucial for this type of wagers is to closely follow every news channel that both the player and the potential club have in order to assess whether it’s worth your while.


Have you ever bet on an individual football player?


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