July 14, 2024

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I Have Prepared the Ultimate List of Platforms You Can Follow Football On!

Football enthusiasts know the thrill of following their favourite teams and players in action. Whether it’s the excitement of a matchday, the drama of transfer rumours, or the joy of celebrating a goal, football fans are always seeking ways to stay connected with the beautiful game so they can place their bets using the well-known […]


Why We Love Manchester City 

Manchester City Football Club, affectionately known as Man City, holds a special place in the hearts of football fans worldwide. From their thrilling style of play to their commitment to excellence both on and off the pitch, there are countless reasons why supporters are drawn to this iconic club, inspiring them to visit various betting […]

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Premier League in August for Villa

The tensions are rising in the Premier League, so we should take a look at how Villa did in the month of August. Who is the best player so far? Which one could do better? What is the overall rating of the team? Any tips on how to bet during the upcoming Premier League matches? […]


Top Aston Villa Players of All Time

The Villains have hosted many a legend in their midst, but there are a few that stand out and transcend history. Here is our list of top Aston villa players that ever stepped onto the pitch. Charlie Aitken There was no way to start this list without including the one and only Charlie Aitken. He […]


More than £20 million for a New Striker and Other Transfers

There are many rumours going about Aston Villa regarding their plans and transfers, so it’s no surprise that this prompts many a fan to scout the betting sites like Unibet to see if they can get more info on the team’s value in the upcoming matches. So, who are the latest ins and outs and […]


The 2019 NCAA March Madness

Basketball has become so much more interesting in the United States since 2018. Why? Because sports betting was legalized in multiple states. Now, fans of professional basketball teams, mainly the NBA ones, can bet on quite a lot of matches, finally being able to legally support their team, and themselves, should the said teams happen […]


Who Are the Favorites to Win the Euro Cup 2020?

The UEFA European Championship 2020, or simply put, the Euro 2020, is the next big football event, at least in Europe. Well, most of the world keeps its eyes on the European countries, mainly due to judging the players and level of competition they can expect at the next World Cup. Well, that is one […]


When Will Manchester United Start Winning Again?

Manchester United, the favorite of the many (except Liverpool fans, rivalries can make people hate another team), but a team without a recent title, if you do not count the relatively recent 2017 Europa League title. After being defeated at the hands of Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals, with a staggering 4 to […]


Predicting the Outcome of Matches

Predicting the outcome of football matches you want to place a bet on is a challenging business. There are a lot of things you should consider before placing a bet, and you should always have in mind that no formula can guarantee that you will get the outcome that you want every single time. However, […]


The Best Football Leagues in 2019

Football is always a great sport to watch, with so much excitement over almost any match, especially if you are a fan. Football leagues exist in every country and some are far more popular than others. Their popularity isn’t the only factor one should be taking in, but also, their betting odds. There are plenty […]


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