June 16, 2024

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The tensions are rising in the Premier League, so we should take a look at how Villa did in the month of August. Who is the best player so far? Which one could do better? What is the overall rating of the team? Any tips on how to bet during the upcoming Premier League matches? Football fanatics all over the world are eagerly trying to find out answers to these questions. So, let’s begin.

The Best

Hands-down the best player and absolutely worth the £26.5 million transfer was Tyrone Mings. Throughout August, he made 58 clearances and managed to recover the ball 18 times in just four matches. When talking about best players, we usually consider strikers, but this was one of those times a defender did all the heavy lifting. Aston Villa took a gamble with this investment, but it paid off several times over and will, hopefully, continue to do so throughout the season.

The Worst

Nothing personal – this had to be awarded to someone. Neil Taylor had less-than-stellar performance in the Premier League. The left-back was caught by surprise numerous times, with Mings and Jota covering for his mistakes. Unless he gets his head in the game, this could potentially reflect badly on his entire career. Some news portals are even going so far as to call his mishaps gift-giving in favour of the opposing teams.

The Finest Performance

The Villains were not very fortunate, as they won only one match in August. That match was, naturally, their best performance. The fantastic gameplay destroyed Everton with 2-0, with Wesley and Anwar El Ghazi being the scorers. This was one of those times that the defense of the team was nigh impenetrable and everyone seemed to be in the zone. Everton was given no quarter.

The Worst Performance

We are not going to talk about the Spurs and their exploits, but will instead focus on the match with Crystal Palace. Though the Eagles scored only one goal, they were able to perform over twenty shots, which would not have happened had the team’s defense done its job. The fact that there was a controversial removal of the Aston Villa goal doesn’t help the case much. There was nothing left for the Villains but to lose gracefully and move on.

Overall Rating

Currently, Aston Villa has only one win to its name, putting it on par with Newcastle United with just 4 points, earning the two teams positions 17 and 18 respectively. However, each team on the board played only 5 out of the 38 matches, so it is still too early to tell what the future holds for the Villains.

Some players have played their best and managed to prove their worth, while the errors of others could very well drag the team down. There needs to be more synchronicity between the team members and we can only hope that Dean Smith can bring the team together.

Their current performance could use some tuning, but there are team members that bring up the performance average significantly. We are somewhat optimistic about the future and give the team a rating of 5/10. The reason for this is simple: they were not amazing, nor disastrous, but they do have a lot of potential.


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