July 14, 2024

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Football is always a great sport to watch, with so much excitement over almost any match, especially if you are a fan. Football leagues exist in every country and some are far more popular than others. Their popularity isn’t the only factor one should be taking in, but also, their betting odds. There are plenty of football leagues you can watch in 2019, but here are the best ones.

The English Premier League

Almost everyone has heard of this league. It is immensely popular, both in and out of England. 20 clubs compete every year for the title of champion, and have ever since 1992, when it was founded, as we know it today. The clubs participating in the league are much older and some names have been there for ages, like Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal.

This league is also one of the primary sources of income for many online sportsbooks and many punters. Since it is active for most of the year’s duration, there are plenty of matches to bet on every week. Punters often visit online sportsbooks and make use of promotions to earn themselves an extra bet. Whether a punter or loyal fan, the Premier League is always a source of entertainment and good football.

Serie A

The Italian top football league is old, being here since 1898. Today, it has 20 clubs competing for the title of champion, and like the Premier league, a spot in the UEFA Champions League, at least for the top 4 teams. It has iconic clubs like Juventus, who now has Cristiano Ronaldo playing for them, Internazionale, Lazio, A.C. Milan and many more. This year, in particular, should be interesting as Cristiano Ronaldo is playing for Juventus, the club which also took the championship title the previous season.

La Liga

The first of the Spanish leagues has a lengthy name, but it is often dubbed La Liga, due to the sake of simplicity. The top teams in Spain compete, just like the rest of the top leagues in Europe, for a spot in the UEFA Champions League, as well as the title of Spain’s best team. There are 20 teams in this league, just like the previous two, and the top 4 get a place in the UEFA Champions League group stage. The famous teams of La Liga are Real Madrid and Barcelona, among others. These two are usually the main competitors, each winning over 20 titles, in the case of Real Madrid, 33.

The Bundesliga

The German number 1 league is called the Bundesliga. It features teams like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. There are 18 teams in the Bundesliga, 4 of which are granted a pass into the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. Teams can be relegated into the second tier league, called the 2. Bundesliga. This goes for the leagues mentioned above, as well.

These are the top leagues to watch in 2019, the ones likely to provide you with the best football and entertainment.


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