August 13, 2022

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Can I bet on individual football players?

Betting on matches is a standard in football and bookmakers are trying to make it more interesting by introducing new categories you can bet on, including combo bets for maximum odds. A phenomenon that is fairly present in basketball but is only gaining popularity in football is betting on individual players. This article is going […]


Best football team in the UK

The UK has the longest tradition of playing football in the world, with England and Scotland having the two oldest national football teams. At the moment, England is ranked 12th on FIFA Men’s Ranking list and the English national team won the 4th place in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Furthermore, England is […]


Bookmakers breathe a sigh of relief as the 2018 World Cup turns out to be profitable

The darkest day for bookmakers was the Cheltenham Festival in 2016, when they had to fork out 60 million GBP to players. They almost lost between two and three times as much during this year’s World Cup; however bookmakers wouldn’t be what they are if they wouldn’t end up on top of every situation. If […]


What do bookmakers say about England’s odds at the World Cup

At the time of writing this piece, England was in Group G with one win, giving it and Belgium three points. Tunisia lost 1 – 2, as the Three Lions struggled until the very end to turn the tie into a win. Eventually, they succeeded. Current Odds Different websites offer different odds, though there isn’t […]


Aston Villa Victory against Barnsley at Villa Park

We hope you placed the right bets on Saturday’s match, because the guys from Aston Villa crushed Bransley in a 3-1 victory at home. If you didn’t, maybe it’s time to find some good online bookmakers. You could start by reading this Ladbrokes Review 2018. Let’s see the main events of the game and Aston […]


Leicester City Lags Behind in Premier League

With world-class facilities and great sporting legacy, East Midlands is the perfect place to enjoy sport all year round. Few know, for instance, that Nottingham is the home to the oldest association football team in the world that is still playing at a professional level, namely Notts County Football Club. Another important football team from […]


Paul McGrath – A Football Legend

Though a small nation, Ireland has given the world a significant number of great footballers who created a plethora of memories to browse through whenever nostalgia hits home. Aston Villa fans will surely remember the time when Paul McGrath was playing as a defender for the football club. Widely regarded as one of the greatest ever […]


What Makes a Good Sports Fan?

Sports are entertaining, that’s the general consensus among all of us, but the way people feel about sports differs, with some watching the occasional game and others following their favourite team everywhere they go. Hardcore fans even bet big on their team and are optimistic that their idols will also help them win some money. […]


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